[Fig eats too much, sore lips]_eat granny_what to do

[Fig eats too much, sore lips]_eat granny_what to do

Figs are a kind of food that everyone is familiar with, and figs taste better, and everyone should also like them.

But when you eat more figs, different problems occur.

For example, lips may feel uncomfortable.

So there are some good foods. Don’t be greedy. If you eat too much good food, unimaginable problems will occur.

Therefore, everyone needs attention.

So what is the reason for the lip pain when eating too much fig?

Causes: 1.

Mouth injury: Fresh figs contain a lot of irritating ingredients, especially freshly picked figs, which contain a lot of milky juice in the peel, there are strong wounds, excessive consumption may cause oral ulcers, and most of the tongue pain in figsThis is caused.


Allergies: Figs contain excessive amounts of alloproteins and active enzymes, which can cause sensitization. Therefore, people with allergies may cause allergies, and the tongue is in direct contact with the skin. Allergies are also early and painPossible.


In general, eating fig mouth hemp is a very common phenomenon. Many people will have this situation. It is mainly because the fig contains a white juice, which can easily cause mouth numbness.

Treatment method: 1.

Mouthwash cleaning: When you eat figs and have tongue pain, you need to rinse your mouth with water in time to remove the fig juice solution in the mouth, avoid excessive damage to the mouth by active factors and plant acids, and reduce pain symptoms.


Seek medical advice promptly: If you are allergic to your health, you may experience tongue pain again when eating figs, and systemic symptoms may occur. You need to seek medical treatment in time to avoid allergic symptoms in the respiratory tract, which may cause breathing difficulties.


Stop eating figs immediately: eating figs causes tongue numbness. Pain is because figs contain some plant proteases. If the human body does not have the corresponding decomposing enzymes of these enzymes, it will cause allergies. It will easily cause oral numbness when eating.First stop figs immediately.


Drink some warm water or rice soup: Drink more warm water or rice soup. A lot of water can promote the metabolism of catabolic enzymes in the body, speed up the replacement of allogeneic proteins in the body, and alleviate the symptoms of sensitivity. Rice soup is an anti-allergic food, so eatAfter that can relieve the pain of tongue.

Preventive measures: 1.

If you are allergic, it is not recommended to eat fresh figs to avoid allergic symptoms.


Fresh figs are more serious for oral trauma. Therefore, you should rinse your mouth as soon as possible after edible figs, to avoid serious irritation and oral ulcers.