[How to make baby shrimp paste]_Shrimp paste_Baby & Toddler_Homely

[How to make baby shrimp paste]_Shrimp paste_Baby & Toddler_Homely

Prawn paste is a very healthy and nutritious food. Many parents will make prawn paste for babies, but childcare experts say that because the digestive system of babies is very different from that of adults, they must know the correct way to cook prawn paste for babies.

First, how to make shrimp paste baby loves to eat: shrimp and tofu pea porridge material: cooked shrimp, tender tofu, fresh peas, thick porridge, moderate broth, cooked vegetable oil.

Practices: 1. Minced cooked shrimps are minced for later use. Tender tofu is washed and minced with fresh water. Fresh peas are cooked with water and pressed into mud for later use.

2. Put thick porridge, cooked shrimp, diced tofu, fresh pea puree, and broth into the pot, and boil over low heat.

3. Add cooked vegetable oil and a small amount of salt to serve.

Second, how to make prawn paste baby loves to eat: prawn paste tofu materials: shrimp, tender tofu, carrots, green onions.

Practices: 1. After buying the fresh shrimp, go to the shrimp intestine and shell.

Wash and drain, chop into shrimp paste.

Add some cooking wine and stir with chopsticks in one direction.

2, half a piece of tender tofu, mashed into mud; half a carrot, cut into pieces.

3. Put some fat in the pan, stir-fry the carrots until they are half-cooked, add the prawn paste and tofu paste to stir fry for a while, add the upper and lower fine salt and chicken essence, put the green onion, and bring it out of the pan.

Third, how to make shrimp paste baby loves to eat: shrimp and clam steamed egg custard Ingredients: shrimp, flower clam (fresh is best), 2 eggs, green onion, rice wine, salt, spring onion amount.

Method: 1. Wash and chop the shrimp. If possible, you can soak the shrimp in rice wine for 10 minutes to taste and fishy.

2. Wash the clams, and make the clam shells open after scalding with boiling water.

3. Scoop eggs into a bowl, beat, add some salt, add shrimp and clams, add warm water, add green onions, steam over high heat, and steam until creamy.

Fourth, how to make prawn paste baby loves to eat: hibiscus tofu prawn loach material: a box of tender tofu or egg tofu, 6 shrimps, seasoned with salt, a small amount of rice wine, a few pieces of cabbage leaves, ginger and green onion, the flavor is twoTeaspoon, too white powder.

Method: 1. Chop the shrimp into mud, add a little salt and rice wine, and stir evenly.

2. Steam the cabbage first, spread it on the bottom of the plate, and then spread the cut tofu and chopped shrimp paste, and add some ginger and scallion on top.

3. Adjust the soup: Turn the miso with warm water, add a little too white powder, and then you can add it to the tofu plate.

4. Use a steam oven or electric pan (to be preheated) and steam for five minutes at 100 ° C.